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August 31, 2022

The Return of FRKO!

International artist and homie of the pod, FRKO, returns to guest host while discussing a drama filled shooting, his precognitive powers, and DragonCon!

#ATLSalute Goes To: Christian Andrews & Omar Ferrer

What's On TAP?:

CITRA CITRA CITRA CITRA - Hazy Triple IPA - Inner Voice Brewing 10% ABV

Brownie de Cuvee - Imperial Stout and Barleywine blend - Pontoon Brewing 13.5% ABV

Kersenperzik - Barrel aged French Saison w/ Peaches and Cherries - Pontoon Brewing 5% ABV

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July 13, 2022

Come Party With Us!

IT'S BBBBBAAACKKKKK! Pontoon Brewing and The Atlanta Podcast are kicking off the 2nd Brewing Conversations Beer Series by re-releasing the wildly famous peachy, lemony, Berliner Weisse style beer known as Plot. Plan. Strategize. organize. Mobilize.
Oh, and it's going to be a PAAAARTAAAAAY!!! Georgia Beer Garden will host a screening of the beer process and what Brewing Conversations is all about, DJ Jay Envy will be mixin' it up, and there will be a Pontoon Brewing "TAP Takeover!"

✓Rerelease of "Plot. Plan Strategize Organize. Mobilize." Collaboration Beer

✓Screening of The Intro to Brewing Conversations

✓DJ Jay Envy mixing ALL ATL bangers

✓Tropical Express ATL Plant Pop-up Shop

✓Pontoon Brewing TAP Takeover

✓A portion of the proceeds from the collab beer will go to New Georgia Project

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REWIND FROM JUNE 2020: In this very special episode TAP drops information on their collaborative beer for a greater cause with guests Sean and Shannon of Pontoon Brewing, as well as a deep dive into Pontoon's origin story and how everyone has taken in the social injustices that plague the nation today. Shoutout to FRKO for the can art.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Philips Barbeque Co.

What's On TAP?: 

Dock Party Pilsner - Pontoon Brewing 5.5%ABV / German Pilsner

Peach City - Pontoon Brewing 7.5%ABV / New England IPA

Galaxy Drifter - Pontoon Brewing 6.3%ABV / American IPA

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Get ready for some laughs! Comedic genius Tyler Chronicles pulls up to the podcast to tell his story and let us know about the comedy album  he's droppin' titled, "I Wrote This In The Strip Club"! AAANNNDDD the hilarious homie, Furg jumps in for the party.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Ronnie Jordan and Natalia Stroman

What's On TAP?: 

BPLB Juneteenth Edition - Hazy IPA - Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. 6.5%ABV

Mama's Punch - Fruit Punch Gose - Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. 6.5%ABV

Bourbon Barrel Caramel Delight - Double Pastry Stout - Variant Brewing Company 13%ABV

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In this Juneteenth/Father’s Day episode, we deliver a local history lesson that encompasses the struggles and triumphs of a local successful black father who was once a slave, as well as racial divide sparked by media, and voter suppression.


In 1907, Georgia Governor Hoke Smith, who had campaigned promising to disenfranchise black voters, signed an act that would amend Georgia's constitution and impose a LITERACY TEST as a requirement for voting.

The Georgia Constitution required voters to be male, at least 21, and a resident of Georgia for one year, but did not explicitly disqualify black voters. Because Smith’s Amendment would disenfranchise many whites also, it contained exemptions designed to allow whites to vote, even if they failed a literacy test.

Among those exemptions: any Union or Confederate veteran or their descendants could vote. Because many white Georgians had grandfathers in the confederate army, this provision became known as the “Grandfather Clause.” Voters approved the amendment in 1908 and Georgia took another long step down the dark road of Jim Crow. It took the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to overturn the blatant act of discrimination proposed on August 21, 1907.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Dr. Alex McCready

What's On TAP?: 

Barrel-Aged City In The Trees - Long Boil Dopplebock Aged in Whiskey Barrels - Orpheus Brewing 11%ABV

Gin & Juice- ASW Winterville Gin, Berry Cobbler Syrup, Lime Juice, Orange Oil, Ginger Beer

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Chad Ralston of ASW Distillery pops in to keep us stocked and inform us on the history and future of ASW.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Bellyard Hotel & The Eastern

What's On TAP?: 

The New Fashioned Peach

ASW Resurgence Rye Malt Whiskey

Peach Schnapps


Drops of Aperol

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Executive Director of MINT ATL, Julissa White-Smith, stops by to tell the story of MINT, it's purpose, and impact on the local art scene AND to inform us on EngageMINT: a summer social block party and fundraiser for the local arts!

#ATLSalute Goes To: Sumayyah Ali of Powerhause Creative and the MINT Artists of Engagement

What's On TAP?: 

The Rooster

1.5 oz ASW Fiddler Whiskey

1 oz Caramel Baileys

.5 oz Espresso Liquor

2 oz Espresso

Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Garnish

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From Ball Girl to Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena, Melissa M. Proctor hangs out with TAP to bless them with her origin story.

#ATLSalute Goes To: J'Aimeka "Jai" Ferrell the Deputy General Manager & Chief Commercial Officer of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

What's On TAP?: 

Tango On Ponce - American IPA - Three Taverns Brewing 7.5%ABV

The Bussitdown Cocktail

2 oz ASW Bussletown Vodka

.75 oz Rosemary Apricot Syrup

.75 oz Lemon Juice

2 dashes of Rose Water

Spritz of Grapefruit Oil

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With a very connected special guest, we TAP into the origin story of J Carter and ONE Musicfest.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Andre Dickens, Atlanta creatives, THE WIFE, & The Atlanta Podcast

What's On TAP?: 

Double Smack 2018 - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Milk Stout - Three Taverns Brewing 12.5%ABV

Grant Park Menagerie - Belgian Pale Ale - Elsewhere Brewing 4.9%ABV

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For a special SUPER BOWL episode, TAP talks about all the Super bowl participants with Georgia ties, the BIG halftime show, Justin's dating life, Disney movies, and dream VERZUZ matchups.


TAP List: ASW Single Malt Whiskey

ATL Salute: Nourish + Bloom Market

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February 2, 2022

Protect Our Fani

Late as hell, the boys are back in 2022 with some political talk and a whole lotta jokes.

TAP List: Inner Voice Brewing - Citra Citra

ATL Salute: Nappy Roots and the opening of Atlantucky Brewing

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Comedians Furg & Ronnie Jordan pull up with the gutbustin' laughs, Ronnie's origin story, and a talk about the Heavie AF Comedy Album.


Make sure you check out Ronnie Jordan's Heavie AF Comedy Album for those long-ass road trips for the holidays at: 

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October 14, 2021

Political Warming

The guys get together and talk about the mayoral race, our political climate, and a very dark but important Guess The Race.

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TAP EATS is a separate series within The Atlanta Podcast highlighting our favorite spots to grab a bite or drink in and around ATL.

For this episode we take a trip to Duluth to talk to owner, self taught brewer, and friend of the podcast, Todd DiMatteo of Good Word Brewing over some excellent bites and brews.

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October 1, 2021


The homies at TAP get blessed with the full origin story of Traplanta.

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July 23, 2021

The Groove ATL

DJ Wally Sparks, Jeremy Avalon, & Xavier BLK pop in to talk about that magic that is THE GROOVE.

Get your tickets for The Groove at

#ATLSalute Goes To:

DJ Hourglass
Summer Jo
Inkorporated Tattoo Parlor

What's On TAP?: 

Bourbon Barrel Coconut Porter 2021 - Imperial/Double Porter - Cherry Street Brewing 8.8%ABV
85th Street - American IPA - Torched Hop Brewing Company - 6.6%
Damebier Reserve - Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy - Cherry Street Brewing 12%ABV

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The boys at TAP get to know The Digital Renaissance Artist, Kristan Woolford.


#ATLSalute Goes To:

Tash Nikol


What's On TAP?: 

Situational Ethics: Rye Barrel-Aged Rocky Road 2020 - Imperial Stout - Monday Night Brewing 13.8%ABV
Situational Ethics: Maple Scotch Barrel-Aged S'mores 2020 - Imperial Stout - Monday Night Brewing - 13.8%ABV

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We sit down with mayoral candidate Andre Dickens to learn more about him and his vision for the city.


#ATLSalute Goes To:

C.J. Stewart of Lead 2 Legacy

Keith A. Lewis, Jr. of I'm A Father F1rst

Gary L. Davis Sr. of Next Level Boys Academy


What's On TAP?: 

A Stout of Mind - Imperial Double Milk Stout - Pontoon Brewing 12.1%ABV

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Talm' bout The Annual Juneteenth Takeover Event, Netflix Hit "High on The Hog", Atlanta Hawks, and finally unpacking our feelings about Julio Jones.


#ATLSalute Goes To: India Nabarro


What's On TAP?: 

Bathroom Selfie - New England IPA - Good Word Brewing 6.4%ABV
Old Gods Are Dead - Czech Pilsner - Good Word Brewing 4.9%ABV

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We've been a bit backed up with episodes but we want to make sure you know about THIS dope ass event!!!

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