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From The Vault Episodes: Past episodes that never went up due to sound quality or awful opinions but still lowkey slap.

The guys discuss TI’s hymen debacle from awhile back.

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What's On TAP?

Ukiyo¬†‚Äď Three Taverns Brewery¬†4.25%ABV

 Premium Lager Beer

Space Lettuce - Monday Night Brewing 8.1%ABV

 Double Indian Pale Ale

Furg drops in to tell his story and his views on comedy.

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What's On TAP?

Gourd Vibrations - Gate City Brewing 7.8%ABV

 Chocolate Pumpkin Porter

Don't Call It Hotlanta! - Monday Night Brewing 8.5%ABV

 Quadruple Dry-Hopped IPA

Farm To Label - Three Taverns Brewing 6%ABV

 A Wet Hop IPA

The homies Kyle and Cliff of TuneDig pull up to TAP to talk about music, why their podcast is dope AF, and the top 50 rappers of ATL.

#ATLSalute Goes To: MTB Atlanta, Cam Kirk Studios, Bem Joiner of Atlanta Influences Everything, Rodney Carmichael - hip-hop journalist of NPR Music, and Jasmine Crowe of Goodr

What's On TAP?

A.T.aLe - Second Self Beer Company 5.5%ABV

Crisp, clean, and refreshing, A.T.aLe is a tribute to Atlanta and inspired by the city and people who call it home. It‚Äôs designed for when you just want to enjoy a refreshing beer ‚Äď light and dry ‚Äď making it the perfect companion to pair with food.


SHOUTOUTS: Criminal Records, Freddy Gibbs, John Asante, Star Community Bar


Caroline of Bitch Beer Podcast returns to TAP to talk about the Horror Films in Hotlanta Film Festival, White Claw, and emails of heavy criticism.


#ATLSalute Goes To: Luis Martinez, Jen Price, and Craft Beer Chris


What's On TAP?

Mai Tai - Second Self Beer Company 5.5%ABV

The second of the cocktail-inspired beer series that came out  in Summer of 2019. This well-balanced sour ale is a combination of fresh pineapple, orange, and pomegranate.

Heavy Bell - Three Taverns Brewery 11%ABV

A bourbon-barrel aged version of our Belgian-style Quadrupel, Quasimodo. Aged to perfection in eight-year-old bourbon barrels, the result is an ale of incredible richness and complexity.

Doran Hickey pops back in with local artist Malik to talk about LOOSIES, Creative Loafing Controversy, and the #Dickbra movement. Guest appearance by Brandon of Butter.ATL.


#ATLSalute Goes To: Diana Settles of Hi-Lo Press


What's On TAP?: 

Double Archipelago - Monday Night Brewing 8%ABV

Unfiltered IPA that brings a taste of the tropics to the south. Hopped with Southern Passion, Vic Secret, Kohatu, Simcoe, El Dorado and more, this beer is a juice bomb of tropical flavors, including passionfruit and rockmelon.

Cardigans of the Galaxy - Monday Night Brewing 9.5%ABV

DIPA hopped with Columbus, Mandarina Bavaria, Simcoe, Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic, Comet and Galaxy. But the secret sauce is the extra-dry finish and the big citrusy melony nose.


Just kickin' back, the guys of TAP briefly talk about the Revolt Summit, Antonio Brown and the NFL. And less than 10 minutes in, the homie Brandon of Butter.ATL drops in with his Tuesday tacos to deliver some knowledge on dealing with the police.


Honorary ATL Salute goes to: BLVCK

The homies of Atlanta Meme drop in to talk about Broken Window Theory, The Falcons, and of course... the ATL.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Quan ATL, and Trillaveli of Rap Style Archeology

What's On TAP?: 

STFU Donnie - Akademia Brewing 8.6%ABV

Double Dry-hopped Double IPA with Vic Secret and Bru-1

The A-Team - Akademia Brewing 6.8%ABV

 Chocolate maple bacon coffee pastry stout.

Chocolope Stout - Sweetwater Brewing Company 6.4%ABV

The popular 420 strain in a delicious chocolate stout form.

Thee Craft Beer Connoisseur drops in WITH BEER to share her story and tell us about her badass Beer & Boujee event focusing on celebrating black owned craft beer and spirits.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Jen Price

What's On TAP?: 

Snozzberries Crumble - Pontoon Brewing 5.1%ABV

This German style tart ale has 1000lbs of fresh blackberries, black currant puree, vanilla, cinnamon and milk sugar to transform Pontoon’s most popular Serious Series beer, Snozzberries, to a delicious pie substitute. Kettle soured with lactobacillus, this tart beer embodies the perfect dessert inspired sour. The berries are added during the secondary fermentation to create a juicy, yet tart, sour beer that is bursting with flavor.

Mo Skittle - Tripping Animals Brewing Co. 6%ABV

 Sour Ale conditioned w/ Strawberry, Peach, Lime, Passion Fruit, and Tangerine.

Tis the season for Dragon Con! And because of that, the boys of TAP were blessed with some storytime by comic book writer, illustrator, rapper, muralist, and ATL icon, FRKO. We also revisit chicken sandwiches, some NFL Talk, The Nigga-X Comic Universe, Justin's dating stories, A small game of "Guess The Race", and the new fried food fight "JJ's vs. Fish Supreme.

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What's On TAP?: 

Woodlands Project
Gunnison Series, Release #2
Double barrel imperial stout aged in bourbon and dark rum barrels with coconut and lime. 12.5% ABV

Akademia Brewing Company
County Fair Shakeup
raspberry, lime and lactose berliner weisse 6.2% ABV

Orpheus Brewing
A Light Threatens Meekly
Blend of whiskey barrel-aged barleywine, adambier, and stout 13.7% ABV for any FRKO Merch!

Hey, Fam!

The guys of TAP play catch up by talking about a scandalous Netflix Documentary and an old Drunk Justin tale.

What's On TAP?: 

Chattahoochee Series, Release #4 - Mixed fermentation gose aged in anejo tequila barrels. 6.4% ABV - Woodlands Project /Sweetwater

& Mystery Beer

#ATLSalute Goes To: Werewolf ATL

A follow up to the previous episode, the guys of TAP got the oppurtunity to speak to Liz Pe√Īa of Bullet Music and Jen Price of Atlanta Beer Boutique and discuss what they do as well as their involvement with the epic festival celebrating Women in Beer.

What's On TAP?:

Rapturous - Sour - 5% ABV from Three Taverns Brewery

Sour Continuum with Pink Guava - Sour/Berliner Weisse - 4.3% ABV from Six Bridges Brewing

Splodey Raspberry & Guava - Sour/Gose - 4.8% ABV from Variant Brewery

#ATLSalute Goes To: Hi Five Supper Club, Craft Women Connect, & Khonso Brewing

PR STAND UP! Luis Martinez drops in to talk about Dames & Dreggs Beerfest "the epic festival celebrating women in beer", The puerto rican pop-up restaurant "My Abuela's Food", food, culture, and a dash of politics.

What's On TAP?:

Medlock IPA 6.2% ABV from Six Bridges Brewing

#ATLSalute Goes To: Chow Club Atlanta

In Bloom

Ash Nash and Fabian "Occasional Superstar" Williams allow TAP back into New Nu to talk about Bloom.

What's On TAP?:

Imperial Coffee Stout 9% ABV from Steady Hand Beer Co.

Circles of the Sun 6.4% ABV from Steady Hand Beer Co.

#ATLSalute Goes To: William Massey of Remerge, George & Esohe Galbreath of Articulate ATL, and Atlanta Influences Everything

In this episode we have special guest Kamal Grant (owner of Sublime Doughnuts) tell his story and unveil The TAP Lemon Pepper Doughnut.

What's On TAP?:

Silent Accordd Milk Stout 6.5% ABV from Six Bridges Brewing

Good S'Morning Imperial Stout 13% ABV from Variant Brewing Company

#ATLSalute Goes To: Travis Schlenk GM of Atlanta Hawks

In this episode the guys of TAP get into a lengthy conversation about a chicken sandwich, black card games, a ‚ÄúGuess The Race‚ÄĚ segment based out of SunTrust Park, and the aftermath of the Atlanta Legends.

What's On TAP?: Situational Ethics: Maple Rum Barrel Aged 13.8% ABV from Monday Night Brewing

#ATLSalute Goes To: Dr. Fahamu Pecou

In this episode the guys of TAP kick it with Brandon Butler, editor-in-chief of ButterATL.

What's On TAP?

You Only Live Milkshake IPA 7% ABV from Orpheus Brewing

This Again Sour Ale 7% ABV from Orpheus Brewing

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Jordan Gibbs of Milk & Cookies

In this episode local artists Doran and FRKO pull-up to talk to us about Collect Atlanta, Food, Food autonomy in the city, along with alot of loud hilarious and vulgar behavior. Shit gets ridiculous and loud.

What's On TAP?

Galactic Space Circus by Creature Comforts

Dark Subject Matter by Monday Night Brewing

During Memorial Day & Momocon Weekend, we wanted to finally give our review on the biggest movie of the year, Avengers: Endgame in an two-part megasode fit for the climactic Marvel finale.

What's On TAP?

Good Word Brewing #TAPTAKEOVER

Wrigley Fields Forever
Fruited sour with strawberry, basil, and milk sugar.

Lizards of Suburbia
Imperial Stout 9%

We made this tasty dark thing with our besties from DSSOLVR from Asheville. We used way too much vanilla hazelnut, and cocoa nibs.

During Memorial Day & Momocon Weekend, we wanted to finally give our review on the biggest movie of the year, Avengers: Endgame in an two-part megasode fit for the climactic Marvel finale.

What's On TAP?

Good Word Brewing #TAPTAKEOVER

Wrigley Fields Forever
Fruited sour with strawberry, basil, and milk sugar.

Lizards of Suburbia
Imperial Stout 9%

We made this tasty dark thing with our besties from DSSOLVR from Asheville. We used way too much vanilla hazelnut, and cocoa nibs.

In this episode, the guys do a Baby Shark deep dive, lightly touch on the NBA and Atlanta Falcons, play another game of "Guess The Race" and explore the legend that is "Blondie" of The Clermont Lounge.

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What's On TAP?

Good Word Brewing #TAPTAKEOVER

Mandela Ella Ella Effect
American IPA 7%

Galaxy, Citra, and Ella hops with lots of oats for a soft mouthfeel. Stand under our umbrella. Oh stop your judging, you know we had to do it…..

Mary-Georgia A.K.A. ‚ÄúGran Gran‚ÄĚ
Blackberry Cobbler Sour 7.4%

My great-grandmother would have us kids pick blackberries and she’d make the most delicious cobbler. We would eagerly sit around the table with purple paws munching this amazing treat. This is a thank you to all the Gran Grans out there making our lives more full. Blackberry, vanilla beans, and milk sugar.

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