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Caroline of Bitch Beer Podcast returns to TAP to talk about the Horror Films in Hotlanta Film Festival, White Claw, and emails of heavy criticism.


#ATLSalute Goes To: Luis Martinez, Jen Price, and Craft Beer Chris


What's On TAP?

Mai Tai - Second Self Beer Company 5.5%ABV

The second of the cocktail-inspired beer series that came out  in Summer of 2019. This well-balanced sour ale is a combination of fresh pineapple, orange, and pomegranate.

Heavy Bell - Three Taverns Brewery 11%ABV

A bourbon-barrel aged version of our Belgian-style Quadrupel, Quasimodo. Aged to perfection in eight-year-old bourbon barrels, the result is an ale of incredible richness and complexity.

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Loosies with Malik & Doran

Doran Hickey pops back in with local artist Malik to talk about LOOSIES, Creative Loafing Controversy, and the #Dickbra movement. Guest appearance by Brandon of Butter.ATL.


#ATLSalute Goes To: Diana Settles of Hi-Lo Press


What's On TAP?: 

Double Archipelago - Monday Night Brewing 8%ABV

Unfiltered IPA that brings a taste of the tropics to the south. Hopped with Southern Passion, Vic Secret, Kohatu, Simcoe, El Dorado and more, this beer is a juice bomb of tropical flavors, including passionfruit and rockmelon.

Cardigans of the Galaxy - Monday Night Brewing 9.5%ABV

DIPA hopped with Columbus, Mandarina Bavaria, Simcoe, Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic, Comet and Galaxy. But the secret sauce is the extra-dry finish and the big citrusy melony nose.

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Just kickin' back, the guys of TAP briefly talk about the Revolt Summit, Antonio Brown and the NFL. And less than 10 minutes in, the homie Brandon of Butter.ATL drops in with his Tuesday tacos to deliver some knowledge on dealing with the police.


Honorary ATL Salute goes to: BLVCK

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The homies of Atlanta Meme drop in to talk about Broken Window Theory, The Falcons, and of course... the ATL.

#ATLSalute Goes To: Quan ATL, and Trillaveli of Rap Style Archeology

What's On TAP?: 

STFU Donnie - Akademia Brewing 8.6%ABV

Double Dry-hopped Double IPA with Vic Secret and Bru-1

The A-Team - Akademia Brewing 6.8%ABV

 Chocolate maple bacon coffee pastry stout.

Chocolope Stout - Sweetwater Brewing Company 6.4%ABV

The popular 420 strain in a delicious chocolate stout form.

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Women of Dames and Dregs

A follow up to the previous episode, the guys of TAP got the oppurtunity to speak to Liz Peña of Bullet Music and Jen Price of Atlanta Beer Boutique and discuss what they do as well as their involvement with the epic festival celebrating Women in Beer.

What's On TAP?:

Rapturous - Sour - 5% ABV from Three Taverns Brewery

Sour Continuum with Pink Guava - Sour/Berliner Weisse - 4.3% ABV from Six Bridges Brewing

Splodey Raspberry & Guava - Sour/Gose - 4.8% ABV from Variant Brewery

#ATLSalute Goes To: Hi Five Supper Club, Craft Women Connect, & Khonso Brewing

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In this episode we have special guest Kamal Grant (owner of Sublime Doughnuts) tell his story and unveil The TAP Lemon Pepper Doughnut.

What's On TAP?:

Silent Accordd Milk Stout 6.5% ABV from Six Bridges Brewing

Good S'Morning Imperial Stout 13% ABV from Variant Brewing Company

#ATLSalute Goes To: Travis Schlenk GM of Atlanta Hawks

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In this episode the guys of TAP get into a lengthy conversation about a chicken sandwich, black card games, a “Guess The Race” segment based out of SunTrust Park, and the aftermath of the Atlanta Legends.

What's On TAP?: Situational Ethics: Maple Rum Barrel Aged 13.8% ABV from Monday Night Brewing

#ATLSalute Goes To: Dr. Fahamu Pecou

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Atlanta Monstar Part II

Back with the beginning of a 2 piece extra crispy, the guys of TAP about The Atlanta Child Murders and the reopening of the investigation, along with a good Guess The Race, and of course lots of sidetracking into random and entertaining discussions.. we call them sidejourneys.

#ATLSalute goes to: Payne Lindsey & Donald Albright of Tenderfoot TV

What's On TAP?

Good Word Brewing #TAPTAKEOVER


Tart Blackberry IPA 7.5%

GWB made this beer with some of their very good friends, Carolina Bauernhaus. They made a juicy IPA with mosaic and simple, and they used prickly pear and blackberries they grew on their farm. They added some extra blackberry puree and Madagascar vanilla beans and milk sugar. Full mouth feel, light bitterness and some acidity from the blackberries.

Moose Traxxx!          

Imperial Milk Stout 9%

Inspired by the delicious ice cream, peanut butter, cocoa nibs, and vanilla. Creamy and rich.

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Christian’s Dyin’ Y’all

In this episode, the guys tough it out through Christian's shitty and annoying cough to talk about the shift in gun control funding, superbowl-sized taxes, and some good ol' fashioned Saints hate.

#ATLSalute goes to: @atlanta_street_art_map

What's On TAP?
420 Strain G13 IPA ABV 6% - Sweetwater Brewing Company
This aromatic super-hybrid sticky IPA is first and foremost a phenomenally delicious and drinkable beer, with the added bonus of an olfactory experience that mimics that of the legendary G13 cannabis strain. The IPA base brew has a great body, good head and nice amount of haze at a pleasurable 6% ABV. To work with the malt bill, the brewers added some of their dankest hops, Columbus and Simcoe, plus two dry hop additions. To achieve the aroma, our brewers found the perfect botanically-sourced, strain specific terpenes and married them with propriety natural hemp flavor, both perfectly complementing the hops in the IPA.

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After 10 minutes of dickin' around, the guys of TAP do a deep dive on a massive marijuana bust, shooting guns, and Skyler Jay's fight for equal healthcare for the transgender community.

What's on TAP? Pale Ale by Eventide

#ATLSalute goes to: 4orTheLocals

Special shoutout to: Buckhead Quickshot, Coco, & Lil' Duval

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FINALLY the Momocon episode is HERE! The guys of TAP discuss their experiences at Momocon, and a Ticket Giveaway to "The Black Nerd" by Dad's Garage.

What’s on TAP?

"Triforce IPA" by Second Self Beer Company

#ATLSalute this episode goes to: Cosplay Queen & Social Media Magic Girl Renee


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In this junk food episode, the homies at The Atlanta Podcast discuss how they feel about the video "This Is America"... oh, and getting old and Justin's awful choice in women.

What’s on TAP?

"Unseasonal Lager" by Arches Brewery

#ATLSalute this episode goes to: Jen Price of @ATLBeerBoutique


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Hamilton Tickets and Backlogged Rape Kits lead with Basketball & Watermelon. Oh, and Myron's Girlfriend has some asian in her, regardless of what she says.

What’s on TAP?

"Morning Smack" by Three Taverns Brewery

#ATLSalute this episode goes to: Maniclawd


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The guys sit down with Fashioned + Fried to talk about their donuts and fried chicken that literally creates lines hanging outside of buildings. Oh, and they get to try some, too... along with Jonathan's Booker's!

What’s on TAP?

"POG Basement IPA" by Scofflaw Brewery

#ATLSalute this episode goes to: Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Shop

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TAP follows up on Black Panther, shady bookers, and learns alot about the black gay male community from guest Dwyane Williams of

What’s on TAP?

"No New Friends" and "Penguin Pale Ale" by Red Brick Brewing

#ATLSalute this episode goes to: Deon Hedge, Pretty Much Sisters Improv Show, & Paige Culliver

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Due to the hype of Black Panther & Christian's bitchass-ness, we decided to dust of a classic from 8 months back where the guys TAP into the Black Panther hype early, and do a deep dive into the next project for Director Ryan Coogler and Actor Michael B. Jordan that is set in the ATL.

What’s on TAP? "1Up IPA" by Southern Sky Brewing

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After 20 minutes of breaking bread and having conversation with local artist Doran Hickey and COO of Mass Collective, Mike Mooney, the conversation on this episode goes from local food and art in the community to society, gentrification, and the very dope Mass Collective.

What's on TAP?: "Storey-Time IPA", "Nap Time IPA", "Alpen Glow IPA", & "Tatanka Coffee Stout" from Good Word Brewing

#ATLSalute this episode goes to: Miya Bailey, Notch 8 Gallery, Loveless Melvin, City of Ink

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Ringing in the new year, the boyz of TAP tackle the brand spankin' new mega-brewery, "New Realm Brewing Company", and give a brief overview of their private tour of the facility and their delicious beer. Also discussed is the Peach Drop and Falcons & Georgia Football (of course).

What's on TAP?: "Hoplandia IPA" and "The Commissioner Golden Ale" by New Realm Brewing Company

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The guys of TAP discuss some Black Panther Excitement, Football! Futbol! Football! (Falcons, Atlutd, UGA), a postal service scandal, and transracial Names. Shout out to The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman (1961)

What's on TAP?: "Emergency Drinking Beer" by Wild Heaven Beer

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The guys "tap" on Culturalism, EAV Food, The Vortex, Black People Tipping, Christian's Vegan Diet... again... West Nile Virus in Decatur and Myron's Conspiracy Hat!

What's on TAP?

Red Brick Brewery "Whale Shark Wheat" 

#ATLSalute this episode goes to:

Atkins Estimond & "Boy Genius" Anson Wong

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